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Hi! Welcome to the website of Electroplasmatic Games, a small independent game developer studio founded in Barcelona, Spain.

Freedom Poopie

The team

Electroplasmatic Games, founded in 2015 with the purpose of creating video games that are developed and produced by their own creators. Our team is totally involved from the initial idea until the finalization of the whole project. We create the video games we love and we expect the players to experience the enthusiasm and the energy we put into every single production.

As an indie studio, we are not exclusively focused on a particular genre. We are ambitious and we want to experiment as much as possible! Our aim is challenging ourselves in each project becoming better developers by creating better and bigger games.

Creating video games allows us to become creators of lots of different worlds: fantasy, lights, colors, magic, feelings, experiences… Nothing is impossible. Imagine it, create it!

Don't miss to check out our dev blog, social media and stay tuned!

  • Álvaro Carreras
    Character Artist, 3D Generalist
  • Andrés García
    Game Designer & Concept Artist
  • Dan Raigorodsky
    CEO & 3D Animator/Rigger
    Personal Blog
  • Jacobo Carreras
    Programmer & Sysadmin


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